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Eid Al-Fitr 2012 / 1433

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
EID Al Fitr 2012/1433 will begin to be celebrated globally on Sun Aug 19 2012, with 63 countries (following Saudi Arabia) announcing Sunday as the first day of Eid (full list below).

Moonsighting Data  - Shawal 2012/1433

Courtesy of Moonsighting.com
The Astronomical New Moon is on Aug 17 2012 (Friday) at 15:54 GMT.
On Friday Aug 17 2012, it can not be seen anywhere in the populated world by naked eye, binoculars, or even high powered telescope.

On Saturday Aug 18 2012, it can be easily seen in Southern Africa, Central and South Americas:

On Sunday Aug 19 2012, it can be seen in rest of the whole world:

Sighting Reports Eid Al Fitr 2012 / 1433

OFFICIAL Eid Al Fitr 2012/1433  - 1st Day of Shawwal – in Different Countries
Sunday, 19 August 2012: 
  1. Afghanistan (Follow Saudi)
  2. Albania (Follow Saudi)
  3. Algeria (Follow Saudi)
  4. Armenia (Follow Saudi)
  5. Australia (Some follow FCNA, ECFR, Ummul-Qura)
  6. Austria (Follow Saudi)
  7. Azerbaijan (Follow Saudi)
  8. Bahrian (Follow Saudi)
  9. Bangladesh (Some areas follow Saudi)
  10. Belgium (Follow Saudi)
  11. Bolivia (Follow Saudi)
  12. Bosnia and Hercegovina (Follow Saudi)
  13. Bulgaria (Follow Saudi)
  14. Canada (Fiqh Council of North America and Muslim Association of Canada, Alberta)
  15. Canada (Shi’aa Community – Announced by Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab, Also Hilal Committee of Canada)
  16. Chechnia (Follow Saudi)
  17. China (30 day completion)
  18. Cosovo (Follow Saudi)
  19. Denmark (Follow Saudi)
  20. Egypt (Moon Born before sunset & moon sets at least 5 minutes after sunset)
  21. Finland (Follow Saudi)
  22. France (Follow European Council of Fatwa & Research (ECFR))
  23. Georgia (Follow Saudi)
  24. Germany (Follow ECFR)
  25. Hungary (Follow Saudi)
  26. Iceland (Follow Saudi)
  27. Ireland (Follow Saudi)
  28. Italy (Follow Saudi)
  29. Jordan (Follow Saudi)
  30. Kazakhstan (Calculations)
  31. Kuwait (Follow Saudi)
  32. Kyrgizstan (Follow Saudi)
  33. Lebanon (Follow Saudi)
  34. Libya (Moon must be born before Fajr in Libya)
  35. Luxembourg (Follow ECFR)
  36. Malaysia (Age > 8 hours, altitude > 2°, elongation > 3°)
  37. Mauritania (Follow Saudi)
  38. Montenegro (Follow Saudi)
  39. Netherlands (Follow Saudi)
  40. Norway (Follow Saudi)
  41. Palestine (Follow Saudi)
  42. Philippines (Follow Saudi)
  43. Qatar (Follow Saudi)
  44. Romania (Follow Saudi)
  45. Russia (Follow Saudi)
  46. Saudi Arabia (Local Sighting – Official Announcement)
  47. Spain (Follow Saudi)
  48. Sudan (Follow Saudi)
  49. Sweden (Follow Saudi)
  50. Switzerland (Follow Saudi)
  51. Syria (Follow Saudi)
  52. Taiwan (Follow Saudi)
  53. Tajikistan (Follow Saudi)
  54. Tatarstan (Follow Saudi)
  55. Tunisia (Criteria of age, or altitude, or sunset-moonset lag)
  56. Turkey (Calculations)
  57. Turkmenistan (Follow Saudi)
  58. U.A.E. (Follow Saudi)
  59. UK (Follow Saudi) [Coordination Committee of Major Islamic Centres of London, The central Moon Sighting Committee of Great Britain]
  60. UK (30 days completion or Sighting from other country) [Wifaaqul ulama , Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat]
  61. USA (Fiqh Council of North America/Islamic Society of North America (Calculations)
  62. Uzbekistan (Follow Saudi)
  63. Yemen (Follow Saudi)

What is Recommended On the Day of Eid Al Fitr?

To wake up early, preferably before Fajr or at the entering of Fajr
To pray the Fajr group prayer in the masjid
To eat something sweet after the Fajr prayer before going to the Eid prayer area
To eat dates if one can find them, and to eat them in amounts of odd numbers
To perform the purificatory bath (ghusl) before the Eid prayer, even for a person who is not attending the prayer
To clean one’s teeth with a siwak or similar object as much as possible
To wear scented perfume (women do not wear strong scented perfume outside of their homes)
To wear the best of one’s clothes, which consist of the most beautiful, cleanest or newest garments, even if they are not white
To make one’s happiness and joy apparent, thanking Allah for one’s blessings
To smile and display one’s happiness when meeting others
To give much in non-obligatory charity, more than one’s usual habit
To direct oneself to the Eid prayer area, while saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ quietly to oneself and to stop saying it when the Imam begins the Eid prayer
To go to the Eid prayer area by foot
To pay the sadaqat al-fitr (zakat al-fitr) if it is necessary for one to do so
To arrive early at the Eid prayer area so one can pray in the first line
To return from a different direction after performing the Eid prayer
Source: Shurunbulali, Maraqi al-Falah; Ala al-Din Abidin, al-Hadiyya al-Alaiyya; Shurunbulali, Imdad al-Fattah; al-Haskafi, Durr al-Mukhtar

Kami pengurus ACCB mengucapkan :

Selamat Hari Raya Iedul Fitri 1433 H, Minal Aidin Wal Faizin,
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.

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